This podcast is for those who are ready to empower what is possible when we choose to live in love over fear. I share on my experiences, where great leaps of faith have continually guided her home to trust. The beauty of the journey blooms within addressing all areas of transformation from a holistic approach- mind, body, soul and nutritional alignment. By pausing for inspiration we create space to lead with inspired action. When love is the foundation the impossible becomes I’m POSSIBLE.



Partake in devotional practices that assist in creating balance in all areas of life such as your health, wealth, love and self-expression. Step into your most authentic self by implementing responsibility and accountability with how you manage your time. Pausing for inspiration creates space for inspired action.Explore how to lead with intuition and heart, as you learn how to slow down and listen to your bodies wisdom. Alicia Buivis is passionate about inspiring others to live their wildest dreams. Nurture your mind, body and soul with self love practices that enrich your present moment. Embrace the beauty of emotional freedom with yoga, Pilates, Ayurveda, breath work, nutrition, Reiki, self love & selfless service. Co-create with all that you are dare to express from the heart.


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