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Time Mastery:

Take Control and Live Purposefully

The Embodied Heart Way!

Devotion in Motion learn to say “yes” to what nourishes you.


Who is this for?

Inspired hearts who are ready to discover the keys to unlocking sustainable energy. Those who are committed to harnessing your life force with mastery and grace.


  • Do you constantly feel like you’re drowning in tasks, responsibilities, and commitments?
  • Does your to-do list never seem to end, leaving you anxious and burned out?
  • Are you endlessly sacrificing your needs and passions without ever feeling caught up?
  • Do you know deep down you’re capable of so much more. But years of chronic overwhelm, restrictive beliefs, and lack of boundaries have disconnected you from what truly matters?

If the cycle of procrastination, distraction, and playing catch up has left you feeling frustrated and powerless in creating the life you deserve, then this course is for you!

There’s a better way. Rediscover your joy and purpose through our powerful online course.

In this comprehensive 16-week Time Mastery online course you’ll discover:

✔️ How to overcome chronic overwhelm and burnout

✔️ The secret to balancing all your responsibilities without sacrificing your needs

✔️ How to set empowering priorities and confidently say no to other’s demands

✔️ The key to consistently achieving goals through motivation and celebration

✔️ Techniques to manage your energy, not just your schedule

✔️ How to tap into intuition and “go with the flow” vs rigid plans

✔️ Mindset shifts to reduce perfectionism, self-doubt and limiting beliefs

✔️ Personalized solutions for your unique time management challenges

Here's What You Get:

  • 16 Video Lessons combined with our Workbook with Actionable Strategies
  • 3 Live Monthly Zoom calls each week
  •  Access to Alicia’s Library of meditations, yoga, breathwork, Pilates, mantra, energy activations, deep dives into topics, and more.
  • Downloadable Workbook with Exercises, Journal Prompts, and Integration Techniques
  • 4 Month Membership to my Inspired Life Community
  • Lifetime Access – Learn at Your Own Pace

Course Outline:

  1. Shedding the old ( 40 mins ) 
    • Cord cutting ceremony.
  2. Overcoming Overwhelm (49 mins ) 
    • Learn to regulate your nervous system, manage stress, and respond vs. react.
  3. Conscious Endings & New Beginnings (47 mins) 
    • Develop resilience in change by surrendering the need for control.
  4. Understanding Your Priorities (43 mins) 
    • Clarify your values, boundaries, and truth to delegate tasks effectively.
  5. Trusting in the Timing ( 43 mins ) 
    • The art of letting go of the when & how + Perfectionism and procrastination
  6. Protecting Your Energy (31 mins) 
    • Stop operating from obligation and reclaim your freedom and power.
  7. Moving Beyond Fear (36 mins) 
    • Shift scarcity mindsets blocking you from boldly achieving your dreams.
  8. Take your power back in the now ( 32 mins )  
    • Leting go of distractions
  9. Meeting Your Needs ( 93 Minutes )  
    • Never sacrifice your passions again by pursuing what matters most.
  10. Celebrating Small Wins (66 mins) 
    • Build unstoppable momentum by setting intentional goals and celebrating progress.
  11. Making heart based choices ( 32 mins )  
    • 3rd way forward 
  12. Confident Communication ( 108 mins )  
    • Listening from intuition.
  13. Trusting Divine Timing ( 44 mins )  
    • Release perfectionism by accepting support and working with life’s flow.
  14. Motivating Your Best Self (63 mins) 
    • Ignite productivity by connecting to your reasons and consistent action.
  15. Reframing Limiting Beliefs (48 mins) 
    • Become the author of your reality by shifting unhelpful narratives holding you back.
  16. Embody your highest good ( 61 mins )  
    • Align, act & attract!

Transform your relationship with productivity and take control of your days with proven strategies from leading time management coach, Alicia. Regain purpose and joy in all areas of your life – without the chronic stress and frustration.

You'll Leave knowing How To:

  • Have healthy time management skills and habits
  • Set empowering priorities and boundaries
  • Tap into motivation and consistently achieve goals
  • Manage energy, not just schedules
  • Trust your intuition and “go with the flow”
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs and self-sabotage
  • Live and lead with purpose and self-trust
  • Please YOU and let go of people pleasing

Invest in yourself and make time for what truly matters!

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