Join our wonderful Inspired Life Community in this ongoing weekly ” Decompress” Friday FREE 30-minute guided Meditation to start your weekend from a place of resetting your nervous system and fostering inner peace.

Meditation has been shown to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and boost immune function by optimizing the relaxation response. Meditation serves as an anchor for living in integrity and alignment with dharma – the path of truth and one’s optimal well-being. Meditation is a core practice in yoga for stilling the fluctuations of the mind to reveal your essential nature.

  • Release & Replenish: Meditation down-regulates your nervous system, you can leave that previous week behind and begin your weekend feeling refreshed, present, and reconnected to your true self.
  • Unwind Your WeekEnd: This somatic resetting allows you to start the weekend from a nurturing space of embodied awareness rather than carrying residual strains into your personal time.

Our attachment patterns fundamentally shape how we show up in relationships – with ourselves, others, and life itself. Where awareness goes, energy flows. By cultivating deeper layers of self-awareness and discernment around your core attachment style, you can make empowered choices about how you desire to show up in this present moment.

The four core attachment styles we’ll explore are:

  • Anxious (preoccupied with fears of rejection/abandonment)
  • Avoidant (dismissive of intimacy, highly self-reliant)
  • Secure (able to create intimacy while maintaining autonomy)
  • Disorganized (inconsistent patterns, unresolved trauma)

The intention behind this attachment-style quiz is to provide you with an opportunity to get clear on where you are in your relationship with honoring your heart center.

Approach this quiz with curiosity and a genuine interest in getting honest and vulnerable with yourself.

Take your free Dosha Quiz to unlock your natural body constitution and pinpoint where you’re out of balance. Finally understand why you sometimes feel out of sync and unlock the personalized solutions to flow in ultimate alignment – mind, body, and soul.

Discovering your unique Ayurvedic mind-body type helps align your self-care, relationships, career, and more with your true nature for optimal well-being.

Invest just 2 minutes now to start aligning with your doshas and vibrant health. Take the first step of your holistic life journey – identify your Ayurvedic constitution for free. 


Are you feeling stuck, playing small, or resisting your true calling? Do you desire deep clarity about your true purpose but feel stuck struggling against old patterns and fears holding you back? I invite you to join my free 5-day micro-course to move from resistance to possibility and realign with your heartfelt vision.

Through inspiring workbook exercises and mindfulness videos, together we’ll get crystal clear on what you need to let go of in order to grow into the fullest expression of who you dare to become. 

Enroll now in the possibility awaiting you – a path filled with self-trust, expansion, and passionate purpose.


This podcast is for those who are ready to empower what is possible when we choose to live in love over fear. Listen to Alicia as she shares on her experiences, where great leaps of faith have continually guided her home to trust. The beauty of the journey blooms within addressing all areas of transformation from a holistic approach- mind, body, soul and nutritional alignment. By pausing for inspiration we create space to lead with inspired action. When love is the foundation the impossible becomes I’m POSSIBLE.


Looking to nurture your mind, body, and spirit? Explore our YouTube channel for hours of inspirational content to support your holistic wellbeing.

Alicia shares practices like yoga, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, somatic movement, and more to help you reduce stress, tap into intuition, balance your energy, and deepen self-love.

Her offerings provide an empowering space to align your commitments with compassion and purpose. You’ll discover ways to manage time effectively, embrace emotional freedom, unlock your creative potential, and more.


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