Energy Healing

Rediscover Wholeness Through Transformational Energy Healing

Do you feel weighed down emotionally, disconnected from your body, or blocked from reaching your potential? 

Energy healing can help you restore balance, unblock stagnant patterns, and realign with your highest self.

In my private energy healing sessions, I use a customized blend of time-honored modalities tailored to your unique needs.
These include:

  • Reiki – restore your vital energy flow
  • Chakra balancing – open and align your energy centers
  • Shamanic journeying – connect to your spiritual wisdom
  • Ancestral/inner child healing – resolve past traumas
  • Somatic therapy – regulate the nervous system
  • EFT tapping – release trapped emotions
  • Aromatherapy – uplift your mood and energy
  • Ayurvedic recommendations – come into harmony with your dosha
  • Light activation – awaken your divine gifts

Integrative Approach

My integrative approach works on clearing energy blockages, reprogramming limiting beliefs, strengthening your aura, and bringing your body and subconscious to a state of harmony and inner peace.

You’ll leave renewed, with deeper self-knowledge, and equipped with practices for continued growth.

Experience profound healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels through my personalized energy work sessions. 

Let’s have a discovery call to see if we’re a fit to work together.

As your guide, I’m committed to helping you awaken to your inner healer, thrive, and live from your highest self. The journey starts when you’re ready.

Book a transformative 75 minute Energy Sesssion with us today.
  • In-person and virtual sessions available
  • Price: $200 for each individual session

Ready for total mind, body, and spirit renewal? 

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