How Can I

Help You?

I combine the beautiful healing practices of Reiki, somatic methods, trauma informed practices and life coaching guided by strong intuition into helping my client pinpoint what obstacles keep them stuck in patterns of procrastination, fear and sabotage. If you are new to Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality originating in Japan with Master Mikao Usui. The practitioner is a conduit of “rei-ki” or universal life force energy for the client. The Reiki energy balances energy centers and brings focused energy to areas of the body that seek healing. Reiki was the first step in my healing journey. It released trauma from my body and awakened the energetic gifts I now use in my practice.


Why Work

With Alicia?

The personalized and amazing life coaching program will be transforming for you. You’ll be able to

There’s so much to life that you might be missing. Let me help you bring your best version that is ready to get started on the life of abundance. Always remember that you deserve to feel good in everything you do.


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