Cacao Ceremony

Rediscover Your Inner Light Through Our Cacao Ceremony

Sip the sacred elixir of cacao and open your heart to profound healing and self-discovery. For centuries, ancient traditions have used cacao in ceremony to foster a sense of inner peace, childlike joy, and heart-centered wisdom. We continue this tradition by guiding intimate cacao experiences focused on awakening your authentic self.

As you drink our specially blended cacao, you’ll feel its nourishing effects begin to open your heart and quiet your mind. This allows you to tune into long-forgotten parts of yourself seeking expression.

Your Experience


We enhance the experience with conscious movement, breathwork, and creative activities aimed at unblocking stagnant energy and igniting your inner creator.

Imagine spending 90 minutes filled with permission to:

  • Reconnect to your carefree inner child and intrinsic joy.
  • Release heaviness and negative emotions stuck in your heart.
  • Embrace play, spontaneity, and authentic self-expression through games and activities.
  • Feel safe, seen, and celebrated for who you truly are.

Our cacao ceremonies offer a sacred space where you can let go, tap into your inner wisdom, and realign with your highest self. Come home to the most vibrant version of you. Glimpse your radiant inner light.

Cacao is great for: 

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families (kids drink tea): Request a quote
  • Groups & Private Events: Request a quote

 Book a transformative 90 minute cacao ceremony with us today. 

  • In-person or virtual options available
  • Price: $250 for each Individual or Couples Session

For Group Cacao Ceremonies  with 2 or more (excluding couples) request a quote by filling out the form below.

Our Cacao is Ethcally Sources (1)

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