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Start your mind, body, spirit journey to radical self-love, authentic expression, and living on purpose.


The 3-Step Journey

to Becoming Your Best Self

1. Rediscover Your Gifts: Through energy alignment techniques we’ll help you reconnect to the essence of who you truly are beyond limiting beliefs with mindset coaching. Are you ready to attune to the rhythms of your body and the whispers of your heart?

2. Align with Your True Needs: Discover how to set nourishing boundaries, express your deepest desires, and live in balanced mind-body-spirit alignment. Trust the guidance of your heart, not external approval.

3. Live Your Purpose: It’s time to heal the past patterns that have kept you trapped in fear and self-doubt. Reconnect to the unwavering faith in what is possible.

This is no ordinary coaching program – it’s a holistic, trauma-informed journey of deep self-discovery, healing, and radical self-love.

Through somatic practices, Reiki energy work, Ayurvedic wisdom, and ancient modalities like yoga and ritual, we’ll support you in regulating your nervous system and reconnecting to the intelligence of your body.

Our Approach

Alicia’s holistic approach blends modalities that address the mind, body, and soul. As a trauma-informed practitioner, Alicia helps you regulate your nervous system and cultivate safety and trust within your ability to choose what honors your commitments and boundaries in your goals, self-care, and relationship with Self and others.

Drawing on her diverse skillset, she’ll guide you directly to the root of your challenges in showing up consistently. With Alicia’s support, you’ll reconnect to the innate wisdom of your whole being and empower yourself to make decisions that align with your heartfelt vision to lead with discipline and freedom in healthy choices to feed your true joy

  • Reiki
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Ayurvedic Recommendations
  • Light Healing Activation
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Ancestral/Inner Child Healing
  • Somatic/Nervous System Regulation
  • Star/Seed Akashic Record Clearing
  • Inner Heart Wall Clearing OR cord cutting
  • Develop a secure attachment to your core Self 
  • Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shaking & Sound Release
  • Plants: Aromatherapy, Teas, Essential Oils, Herbal Recommendations




Work one-on-one with Alicia through Life Coaching, Energy Healing, or Cacao Ceremony. Individual and group options available.



Join me on a journey to create a thriving community where we inspire each other to embrace joy, pleasure, and radical responsibility.


Join transformative retreats and workshop series for community & spiritual growth or book Alicia for your private or corporate events.



Time Mastery self-paced online course and Reiki Certification programs available.


My Philosophy

I’m a firm believer in the magic of connection to oneself through prayer, daily rituals, and sacred ceremonies. This is what I teach – to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

You ultimately come home to harmony with your spiritual health by addressing all the layers. I feel fortunate to guide people to return to the state of love – the solution to their underlying dis”ease” which also manifests as DISEASE.

I work on a personalized level with you so that your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in alignment and moving in the same directions as your values.

Top Motivational Coaches In 2023

At Your Service

Stress and past stressful life events can manifest in various ways. You may experience depression and anxiety and even feel physical symptoms like panic attacks. However, relying on over-the-counter medication isn’t really effective because it’s important to get to the root cause of these issues and address them.

This is where a trauma-informed coach steps in.

At Inspiration Is Life, we believe in the power of connecting to one’s innermost self with holistic techniques, sacred ceremonies, and daily rituals. Inspiration Is Life is a top motivational coach of 2023, and takes pride in supporting comprehensive PTSD through somatic methods, Ayurveda clinical health, Intuitive healing and personal development guidance services.

Whether you’re looking to just soothe your soul in a natural and holistic way or achieve inner harmony working with a professional, Alicia is a  motivational coach here to help.

Ready to heal your mind and soothe your soul with the experts? Reach out to work with a motivational coach in Chicago today to book a consultation, and we will be more than happy to provide you with any required information.

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