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At my core, I am a self-love advocate. My purpose is to guide others on a journey of self-discovery and healing, helping them reconnect with the brilliance that lies within.

After overcoming my own struggles with depression, anger, and numbing, I felt called to help guide others on a similar path. It was my self-love journey that inspired this mission. By reconnecting with my heart, power of faith, and inner wisdom, I found the strength and courage to break free. This transformative process ignited a meaningful passion within me

My mission is to shine a light on the wholeness within each person. I believe we all have so much inner beauty, strength, and potential waiting to be unlocked. Through my work, I offer transformative tools, nourishing community, and compassionate support to help people cut through illusions and realize their divine power to profoundly transform their lives with trust, hope, and faith. Optimism over pessimism leads all roads home to LOVE. It is here you begin to create your masterpiece.

My work comes from a place of deep reverence. I don’t aim to “fix” you, but hold sacred space for you to explore the depths of your soul. This is an invitation to stretch beyond your limitations of the mind, and insecure attachments so you may awaken to your radiant purpose. Through our work together, you’ll cultivate the unwavering faith and devotion to take bold action and live wholeheartedly. Working together you begin to identify and implement prioritizing your needs and taking radical responsibility. 

It brings me immense joy to witness individuals heal, trust their inner voice, and step boldly toward self-realization. I love watching as you own your talents, creative expression, and gifts. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing you shine and show up as your authentic self. It begins with self-love – allowing that overflow to touch all your heart dares to create. Manage your energy to widen your capacity to believe in what you can do. This is about living intentionally and purposefully, deepening your relationship with self and others.

I would like to honor my teachers, lineage, and mentors who have held me over the years. Click here to learn my lineage in yoga, Ayurveda and shamanic practices.

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Passion & Purpose Led Me Here:

  • 8 years of experience providing holistic coaching and spiritual healing
  • 400+ clients served through personalized programs and retreats
  • Google 5 star average rating based on 80 verified reviews
  • Regularly booked as a guest speaker for Private Events and Corporate Companies. 
  • Almost 10,000 hours of specialized training and certifications
  • Taught over 1600 students in meditation and energy healing modalities
  • Hosted US & International retreats focused on renewal, self-discovery and community
  • My company was founded in 2017 on the principles of compassion, integrity, and empowerment
  • I value continued learning and contribution to the mind-body-spirit community

The Training Behind My Approach

Alicia brings over 8 years of experience and extensive training and certifications in holistic healing and coaching to her work as founder of Inspiration is Life. Her credentials include

  • Feminine Healing Ministries with Adeenah Hammer- Licensed Ordained Priestess Apprenticeship, Current 
  • Trauma Responsive Mind-Body Wellness” (TRMBW™) & SEL Somatic Healing 200 Hour Certified & Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Certified, Rituals for Recovery Healing Arts Institute, September 2023- Current
  • Becoming The Guide with Soul Work Jan 2024
  • Mystical Sciences, Soul Work, October 2023
  • Trauma Informed 101 Certified, Soul Work, September 2023
  • Trauma Informed Prenatal Yoga Certified, Soul Work, March- May 2023 & May 2024
  • Meditation for Self Realization level 2 Certified, Soul Work, May 2023
  • Meditation for Self Realization level 1 Certified, Soul Work, April 2023
  • Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga Certified, Soul Work Jan-March 2023 & April 2024
  • Celtic Shamanic Medicine Spiral, Karen & John Ward, Sli An Chroi, Nov 2022-Current 
  • Rose Mastery Priestess in the Ancient Mystery School Teaching of the Divine Feminine Certified with Priestess Rising Mystery School, Marin Feb-Sept 2022
  • Somatic Attachment Practitioner with Embody Lab Jan-April 2022
  • Trauma Informed Women’s Facilitation and Retreat , Panama with Yoga School Institute May 2022
  • Trauma Informed Yin Yoga Certified, Costa Rica 2022 with Yoga School Institute
  • Trauma Informed Raising Conscious Kids Certified with Soul Work September-April 2022
  • Trauma Informed 200 Hour Yoga with Soul Work Feb- July 2021
  • Starseed Akashic Records Activation 9 Month Mentorship with Shri Alyra, Jan-Sept 2020
  • Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner Degree with Yoga Veda Institute, 2020- current
  • Reiki Master , Malibu 2016-2017, with Aimee Bello
  • 300 Hour Shamanic Energy + Yoga , Peru 2016 studied the Andean Medicine and Lunar Wisdom with Yoga School Institute
  • Pilates Certified with Trufusion Jan-July 2016

Alicia is qualified to guide you through a profound journey of self-discovery, nervous system regulation, and embodied wellness. Drawing from her extensive expertise in mindfulness, body-based therapeutic techniques like yoga and somatics, and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, she’ll help you restore balance to your mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies. Through modalities like Reiki, meditation, breathwork, and self-inquiry, you’ll cultivate the wholeness needed to step into your highest potential. This multidimensional approach empowers you to reclaim your innate brilliance and live with optimal health and vitality.

Our Mission Statement

At Inspiration is Life, our mission is to guide you on a holistic journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

We believe that deep transformation occurs when you reconnect and realign every part of yourself – mind, body, and spirit.

Through customized coaching programs, energy healing, and immersive retreats, we help you rediscover your passions, express your authentic self, and unlock your highest potential.

Our integrative methods address core blocks, whether they stem from past traumas, limiting beliefs, or the expectations of others. Clearing these allows you to regain purpose, self-love, inner peace, and joy.

With compassion as our anchor, we meet you where you are and support your every step. Our goal is to open the gates to your inner wisdom, creativity, and wholeness – aligning your path with your dharma. Together, we’ll cultivate the self-trust and courage to step into your highest purpose. With our guidance, you’ll learn to listen to your heart, unleash your potential, and live in harmony with your deepest calling.

Your journey to wholeness begins now. Guided by the wisdom of yoga and a trauma-informed, energy-aligned approach, we’ll help you reclaim the brilliance of your true nature.


Earth club

Earth Club is committed to spreading awareness of the current state of the ecosystem & how we as Earth keepers are responsible for living in reciprocity with all of life. Collaboration, community support & crowd funding events make it possible to bring our vision of sustainability for future generations. We accomplish this mission through webinars, retreats, sacred ceremonies, scholarship opportunities for youth adults & women domestic abuse survivors, beach clean-ups, tree planting & reef projects. These gatherings shed light and empower humanity to take responsibility for their actions by beings hands-on with what they believe in. Our mission is to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice in land, sea and communities. 


Core values

  • Communication – Deepen into vulnerability.
  • Compassion – We meet each person where they are with empathy, care, and understanding.
  • Integrity – We operate transparently and ethically in service to our clients’ growth.
  • Transformation – We believe each person has unlimited potential for positive change.
  • Holism – We address all aspects of wellbeing – mind, body, spirit.
  • Authenticity – We believe in each person’s unique path to self-discovery.
  • Community – We foster supportive connections and inclusion.
  • Sustainability – We aim to uplift both people and the planet.
  • Accessibility – We strive to make our services attainable to all who need them.
  • Joy – We infuse positivity, creativity, and passion into our work.

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