Unlocking Your Energy: How to Release Trapped Emotions and Live Fully

Unlock Your Energy!

Have you ever felt weighed down by unexplained heaviness, anxiety, or physical pain? You may be carrying trapped emotions – emotional energies from past traumas, fears, or disappointments that have become stuck in your mind and body.  Trapped emotions can be incredibly debilitating, causing chronic stress, fatigue, depression, and illness. But there is a path to freedom through energy healing and emotional release work. By allowing stuck emotions to surface and be felt, expressed and integrated, you can restore vital flow and lightness.  


What are trapped emotions?

Emotions are energies that move through our mind-body system. When we experience a difficult event, the emotion may not fully process due to shock, denial or suppression. This unmetabolized emotional charge can become trapped, creating denser pockets of stagnant energy.


Understanding The Connection Between Reiki And Chakras - Infographic


Signs you may have trapped emotions:

  • Chronic pain or illness without clear physical causes
  • Anxiety, depression or emotional turbulence  
  • Feeling “stuck” and unable to manifest your dreams
  • Reliving or residing in past traumas and hurts
  • Emotional numbness or disconnection from feelings

The benefits of releasing trapped emotions are profound:

  • More vital energy and zest for life
  • Improved physical health and immune function
  • Increased self-love, confidence and authenticity
  • Deeper connections in relationships 
  • Living with more presence, passion and purpose

Pathways to emotional freedom:

There are many powerful pathways to release trapped emotions and restore your energetic flow. Some keys include:
  • Somatic and breath work: Practices like trauma-releasing exercises that discharge stored tensions from the body-mind can be incredibly effective.
  • Energy healing: Modalities like Reiki work directly with your subtle energy field, clearing and harmonizing discordant emotional patterns.
  • Meditation and mindfulness: Quieting the mind through present-focused awareness creates space for stuck emotions to surface and be felt.
  • Ritual and shamanic journeying: Ancient honored traditions can reveal emotional roots and facilitate profound release and soul integration.
  • Movement like dance, Pilates and yoga: Physical practices enhance mind-body connection, bringing suppressed feeling into conscious embodied awareness.
  • Ecotherapy: Spending time in nature grounds us, realigning our rhythms with the natural world’s wisdom and regenerative cycles.
  • Ayurveda: Addressing mind, body and spirit and looks to the unique constitution for  a grounding daily routine to create feelings of safety, stability and self-nurturing.



The path of surrender:

True healing arises through self-acceptance – by ceasing to resist the difficult emotions and opening to their messages with compassion. As you create space to fully feel and allow each emotional wave to course through you, the trapped energies can finally process and be freed. Emotional alchemy is catalyzed.
You were born to live vibrantly, not burdened by past hurts. Begin your journey of emotional release and you’ll experience progressive unfurling into wholeness – restoring balance, clarity and aliveness. 


Trapped emotions and unprocessed trauma can significantly dysregulate the nervous system, keeping us stuck in chronic stress responses like fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode. 


When we experience overwhelming events, the nervous system can get “stuck” in a hyper-aroused survival state. The body remains on high alert, flooding with stress hormones as we unconsciously brace against threat. This sustained torrent of biochemicals like cortisol and adrenaline deplete our resources and body burden over time can manifest as anxiety, depression, inflammation, insomnia and myriad health issues. 


Living in this constant braced, armored state stems from a felt need for intense self-protection. However, this hypervigilance actually cuts us off from the sense of safety, connection and presence that allows our nerves to finally rest. We remain trapped, at the mercy of easily retriggered emotional turbulence and reactivity.
By releasing long-held traumas and stored emotional charges, we can finally re-regulate the nervous system and return to a embodied state of groundedness, openness and neutrality. The constrictions around the heart dissolve, letting us feel fully alive and at ease. Rather than perpetually girding for threat, we can finally soften and receive the nourishing currents of life.




As trapped emotions clear, our system orients to a physiological baseline of inner harmony and equilibrium. The fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses can return to their intended role as temporary self-protectors, rather than an enduring, reflexive way of being. We gain sovereignty over our state of consciousness.


Imagine freely resting in your deepest essence, no longer taxed by subterranean winds of fear or angst. What inspiration, clarity and joy could arise? What untapped potentials might blossom when your life force flows unobstructed? Tend to this innermost terrain and you’ll know a profound homecoming – to the peaceful inner sanctuary where you can fully meet the world in your power and presence.


When we’re stuck in patterns of trapped emotions and nervous system dysregulation, it can be immensely helpful to receive personalized guidance and support. Having a skilled mentor to co-regulate with and provide embodied exploration can be invaluable on the journey of emotional release and wholeness.
While self-care practices like meditation, yoga, breathwork, somatics and time in nature are deeply nourishing, sometimes we need someone to mirror our experience back to us with self-compassion. A caring guide can reflect the inner resources, strengths and wisdom we’re unable to fully access on our own when triggered into survival patterning. This co-regulation helps create the felt sense of safety that allows our nervous systems to finally start re-setting to a grounded, centered baseline.


Working with a trauma-informed professional has many benefits, including:

  • Personalized practices: An experienced mentor can suggest embodiment rituals, somatic techniques and self-care tailored to your unique situation to gently allow stuck energies to release.
  • Contained exploration: Diving into trapped emotions can feel destabilizing at first. Having a guide to facilitate the process in a unified field of compassionate awareness creates a healing crucible of safety.
  • Accountability and motivation: It’s easy to unconsciously resist or bypass the tender places within. A coach can compassionately shine light on your blind spots and patterns, while encouraging you to keep taking courageous steps.
  • Breath-work and mirroring: As you share vulnerable experiences, a present mentor can deeply attune to your state, mirroring back aspects you can’t fully see yourself. This co-witnessing and recognition is profoundly regulating.  
  • Energetic Support: For those open to it, subtle energy work like Reiki can directly harmonize and release stagnant emotional patterns held in the body’s energy field. This accelerates integration.
  • The greatest support: Is feeling truly seen, heard and held exactly as you are. With caring guidance illuminating your inherent wholeness, you can gently allow the false layers of trapped emotion, armoring and narratives to unwind, returning to the pristine essence of your being. The way opens for your soul’s truth to blossom.
If you’re feeling stuck or burdened by difficult emotional residues, you don’t have to go it alone. Having the right mentor to compassionately explore your embodied experience can be a powerful catalyst for healing what’s awaiting to be freed.  You’ll gain vital skills and confidence in tending your inner landscape – while being guided home to the unshakable sanctuary of your own awakened presence.


Call to action:

If you’re ready to break through energetic blocks and reclaim your radiance, work with me – an energy alignment coach devoted to guiding seekers into vibrancy. As an intuitive guide on your journey and Reiki master, trauma-informed yoga and somatic practitioner, I can help you liberate trapped emotions so you can live wholeheartedly – empowered in health, wealth, love and self-expression.




I look forward to connecting more with you if you feel called to work more intimately with me around emotional freedom. You are so worth the effort in living on purpose.

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