Processing & Integrating Reiki Healing

This last lunar cycle has brought myself on a journey within, honoring my heart space, old self abuse patterns & the courage to move forward. I am offered the opportunity to grieve the old in a way that is sacred, clear past life wounds & bath in Mother Gaia’s plant medicine of aroma therapy. Self love is a road map back home , guiding humanity to a state of well-being. Healing work, self reflection & solitude is vital to receiving balance in all areas of life. Balance creates a union within shifting our eternal self back to a state of wholeness! Moving back into the heart center inspires the feelings of joy, interconnectedness & passion that is always present within. I would like to thank my loving soul family/girlfriends for sharing their gifts of healing with me. Reiki very much has supported in removing cords that weighed heavy on my heart throughout my journey of “LIFE”. The word “Rei- KI” means “Spiritually guided life- force energy” the blessings offered by the use of this ancient Tibetan modality has healed my path tremendously. Blocked energy that remain hidden is continually transcended to the light. I embrace the healing path ,honoring Divine light, love & destiny. I would like to take a moment to honor REIKI. Thank you for your gentle kindness of giving & receiving. I honor the Divine Feminine! AHO! <333 May the love of Reiki continue to shed healing to the hearts of humanity. CHO KU REI.

-Just for today I am grateful for my many blessings.
-Just for today I do not anger.
-just for today I do not worry.
-Just for today I do my work honestly.
-Just for today I love myself & all beings unconditionally.

This last 10/9 New Moon in Libra has taught me much about loving myself, remaining focused on my hearts desires, honoring my highest truth & letting go of all fears. Fear only limits our ability to love without boundaries. When we get trapped in a state of illusion, our subconscious mind begins to be programed to think, act & feel a specific way when triggered. Identifying the root behind any karmic pattern or cycle must be done in order to transcend the heaviness. Gaining awareness into the power that lies within our energetic beings reveals limitless potential. Acceptance is a tool that invites the self to remove all that no longer serves the good of all beings. The process of surrendering is a way of living, a state of mind, a place of trust & where our greatest strength is in faith. The spiritual body has a way of remembering the trauma that has been lived in the physical. We must not ignore our pain bodies but love them back to a state of health. Nourishing ourselves to release in a way that is gentle, graceful & sensual is the way of the Yin.

The gift of yoga offers my body the wisdom to understand myself on a much deeper level. Making time to sit with all discomfort begins to move the energy through my meridians, blood, organs & Chakras. Plugging into the breath also known as ,”Pranayama,” encourages the body in the the releasing process. It is through specific breathing techniques, I am assisted in heightening a connection to Divine Source Energy. Forging a relationship with a time out from the mundane concerns by creating self love/care practices promotes overall healing mentally, physically, emotionally & Spiritually. Dedication to live in alignment to my soul’s mission fuels my day with angelic support. Yoga is a transformational practice that is always molding to what is needed the most moment by moment. You always get what you need every time you step onto the mat by placing all judgments aside.

Learning to sit in the inner-silence or ,”The Great Void,” of the mind & body has healed my past on many levels. My ability to remain grounded into the here & now is cultivated through consistent self care. When we love ourselves, our bodies ability to regenerate is a miracles within itself. Life is a miracle that we get to Co-create with Spirit. The Divine being in each of has the ability to share in a way that is harmonious, peaceful, playful & fulfilling.

Life is made to not know all the answers, it is made to seek the answers we dare to create. A connection to hope, to dream big & embrace the visionary that lives within ;also know as our “Inner-child”. This is the key to living our birthright of happiness, experiencing a zest for life & the choice to live a reality beyond our wildest dreams. Once we know the Universe, We know thyself. That is powerful truth that I still learn each day. New beginnings of appreciation have created a mindset of being thankful, content & trusting that all is always working out for me. There are moments of peace, there are moments of pain, there are moments of loss, there are moments of creative solutions. This is part of the creation process. Resilience is a gift from nature, honoring the natural cycles of death & rebirth is freedom. Transitions become smoother in knowledge, resistance fades away & love thrives.


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