Inner Child Surfacing

Relax into the Lotus of the Heart Center, Yum!!!
Souls free-will of ever expanding love,
Green luscious hues, Soft whispers of Gaia.
Beating womb of thy mother, OM!
Interconnectedness above & below.
Shining heavenly rays of trust & hope,
To have faith in Divine Love & so it’s told!
Inner-wisdom of creative truth, Hum-Hum-Hum!
Sacred dance of Shakti too! Oh sweet sacred grove.

Restoring balance in peace & harmony,
Nourishment gifted in acts of care & kindness,
Giving back selflessly, Medicine of Yin.
Nurturing the pain body to a state of healing!
Washing away outdated beliefs of suffering. A-H-H!
Compassion in forgiveness, Power in freeing all anger.
Surrendering in the light & love of unity! I honor thee!
Om Mani Padme Hum! Goddess please have mercy.
Tendering to the old wounds of self-worth in loving me.

Releasing stored heaviness of past burdens,
Manifesting a beautiful life with a courageous heart,
Standing strong in vulnerability, Support of community.
Giving & Receiving can be done, Oh so simply,
Sharing inspiration of accountability, You see?
All you have to do is believe that life is heavenly,
Miracles of sudden change, Life thriving on land & sea!
It must start with a dream, What do you dare to create?
Inner-child reveals the truth of each person’s destiny.


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