Here Are Six Signs Of Depression Everyone Should Know


While it’s natural to feel gloomy on some days and jovial on others, depression is when a person starts to lose hope altogether. And although not all people with depression are medically termed ill, a vast majority need help such as depression and anxiety counseling services to overcome their state.

According to some estimates, nearly ten percent of Americans suffer from depression. This accounts for millions of individuals who are drifting away from their lives every day and suffering in silence due to a lack of awareness regarding this mental health condition.

So if you want to help a loved one who may be suffering from depression and help them come back to life, then here are the signs of depression you must look out for.

A Feeling of Despair and Hopelessness

People suffering from depression feel hopelessness and despair to the extent that it cripples their thinking capabilities. Such people, although optimistic otherwise, gradually start to lose themselves as they feel helpless about even the tiniest of problems they encounter.

Losing or Gaining Weight

If you feel that a friend has lost appetite or is suddenly eating too much, look for other signs of depression. People who are suffering from depression often report rapid weight loss or weight gain due to drastic changes in their appetites.

Greyscale photo of a depressed person curled up

Mood Swings

Surprisingly, irritability, laughter, and tears may all come and go in people suffering from depression. These individuals may not know, but their personal development and everyday life is greatly impacted by their fluctuating moods. This is because they cannot contain their emotions and may feel overwhelmed due to the slightest inconvenience life throws at them.

Poor Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping in too much or staying up all night due to insomnia are also signs of depression. So if you or a loved one has a sudden change in sleeping pattern, it may be time to consult an expert to deal with the issue.

Inability to Concentrate

Are you not able to focus on your tasks? Or is it a friend whose lack of attention worries you? It may be depression that’s affecting a person’s concentration abilities. While getting counseling services can help you nip the problem in the bud, it’s important that you’re paying attention to the signs of depression.

Lack of Motivation and Disinterest

People who suffer from depression also show disinterest and lack of motivation in everyday tasks as well as life goals. From taking a shower to completing a degree, everything can become a huge burden for people who are suffering from this mental condition, and they may not even know the reason behind their loss of interest.

Seek Help and Depression Counseling

Do you feel that a friend or a loved one shows these signs of depression? Are you on the lookout for depression counseling services from an energy healing expert? Then reach out to us at Inspiration is Life. We provide counseling services, online one on one life coaching, and positive guidance strategies that can help you overcome all difficulties in life.


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