Forgiveness Heals ALL


Take out your journal,light a candle & forgive!

  • Is this word overwhelming to you?
  • Do you find yourself in a state of forgiveness towards yourself & others?
  • How strong do you believe in your ability to forgive?
  • Do you find yourself coming back to the situation?
  • If so have you really forgiven ?

Forgiveness isn’t about letting anyone get away with harmful actions, it is about surrendering to acceptance. When we learn the medicine to accept the present, let go of the past & have faith in the future; A bright light of Love supports our human gift of resilience. The divinity moves through each action step taken illuminating the .”Self Love Journey.” Earth’s wisdom is hidden within the inner-chambers of our hearts. When take time to truly stop & listen to the heart, sit in nature & nurture our inner-child we return home to our natural state of wholeness. We are all born with the traits of kindness, goodness, love, compassion, care & connection to vulnerability. It is through life’s ups & downs we lose hope, trust & faith in living joyously. We become consumed by fears, judgements & misunderstandings. Our Ego builds false armor of protection from rejection, filling the body with anger, resentment & even hate! Building story-lines of past pain that ONLY hinders the path of transformation. There is no room for growth in holding onto the old outdated beliefs that once supported this traumatic event.

In order to forgive one must be honest when asking, “What am I not allowing myself to let go of?”


Take a moment to breathe & receive guidance from your guides & trust in the power of your soul. Do you find yourself telling the same story over again? Does it serve you? If not, why can’t you let it go ? Where else has this story showed up in the past? Be completely unbiased by holding yourself accountable too!

What has happened in the past that still has power over you in the present? By giving our power away we are choosing to suffer over & over again. Hoarding negative emotions is poison for the mind & the body! The cure is forgiveness, it is here wisdom is earned. Permission to surrender opens the fold gates of peace into specific time periods. Freeing lingering emotions where there once was heaviness. Life is a gift that is worth living even at our most darkest hours. When we sit the Divine , angelic support is always a prayer away. Prayers ease the Spirit knowing faith has our best interest at heart. We are worthy to receive all in the right timing. Patience becomes effortless as timeless time manifests all under graces way. Meditation clears mental fog, increasing awareness into thy Self & the limitless magic that resides in all beings.


Beneath the shadow resides a tremendous amount of inner-strength calling for your light of healing. Purging the pain-body allows the cells to regenerate in a way that promotes authentic health & wellness. Clearing energy blocks from the body assists in building a foundation of Spiritual awareness. We are pure source energy of consciousness, we all produce the same frequency from the Heart Center. It is here we are directly linked to another. When we take time to forgive we heal our hearts. It through holding ourselves accountable we inspire, uplift & support those in need of our light. The truth of who are is found in humanity’s ability to forgive. Freeing the heart allows us to grow into our unique gifts & talents. When we share our voice of truth from a place of love, empathy & selfless service the human mind is able to expand to new found heights of freedom.




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