How Inspiration Is Life Can Guide You?

You know that feeling deep inside that something is missing?

That sense that you were meant for so much more than just going through the motions of each day? We understand. We’ve been there too. By learning to tap into and trust your own inner resources for self-regulation and mindfulness, you will be able to overcome what’s been holding you back, unlock passion and purpose, and live life on your own terms.

Here are 3 leading causes of lack of boundaries and self-sabotage:

1. Unhealed Childhood Trauma: Past emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse and neglect in childhood can severely impact our sense of self-worth and boundaries later in life. We may tolerate unacceptable behaviors or not know how to set healthy limits. Healing core trauma through counseling can be hugely transformational.

2. People-Pleasing Tendencies: Many of us feel anxious about displeasing others and use people-pleasing as a coping mechanism. This causes us to say yes when we mean no, resulting in resentment and the inability to express authentic feelings and needs. Breaking free of co-dependency restores self-trust.

3. Fear of Confrontation: Due to wanting to avoid tense conversations or come across as impolite, we frequently don’t speak up when someone violates our values or boundaries. Building assertiveness to face needed conflicts directly, yet compassionately, is so important. Our mental well-being depends on it.

The first steps are self-awareness about these tendencies and making an intentional commitment to yourself to enforce your emotional and energetic boundaries, whatever it takes. You deserve harmony and respect. Our strategies can help overcome the obstacles in your way.

At Inspiration is Life, we believe that healing, self-discovery and reaching your highest potential must come from within. External validations will never be enough – real change starts from the inside out. We are here to guide you, step-by-step, to reconnect with your true self.

Through customized coaching programs, we’ll help you overcome limiting beliefs, develop self-care rituals that actually work, set boundaries that honor your needs, and embrace radical responsibility for all areas of your life. This is not a quick fix – it’s a lifelong journey of growth. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, compassionately supporting your transformation. You have so much to offer this world. Let us help unleash the power within.

10 Steps for Self-Soothing and Overcoming Self-Sabotage:

  1. Identify your unique emotional triggers and self-sabotaging patterns
  2. Practice mindful breathing when difficult emotions arise
  3. Speak kindly to yourself with encouragement and understanding
  4. Release judgment and shame through daily self-forgiveness
  5. Commit to meeting your own needs first before giving to others
  6. Develop a consistent self-care routine that replenishes you
  7. Set healthy boundaries in relationships and at work
  8. Rewrite limiting beliefs into empowering mantras
  9. Visualize your best self living your best life
  10. Celebrate small wins and give thanks for the progress made
You have everything you need within right now to create the life you truly want. Make the choice today to honor your inner light, and we’ll show you exactly how to sustainably get there. You deserve it!


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Alicia Buivis radiates a warmth and intuition that provides a safe space for self-discovery and healing. Her passion comes from a place of living her own journey of self-love and emotional regulation as the foundation. If you resonate with seeking more self-compassion, trust, and freedom from limitations holding you back, Alicia can help guide you there.

Through her trauma-informed yoga teaching, somatic therapy, spiritual counseling, and other modalities, she will meet you where you are with compassion while providing the tools to rewrite your future. She believes befriending and balancing your emotions allows for deeper wisdom and presence to emerge.

If you feel called to reconnect with your inner child, establish boundaries that honor your values, and become the author of your story, reach out to Alicia today. Schedule a clarity call to discuss her personalized 1:1 programs for conscious evolution and transforming relationships with yourself and others.

You can find her at This is an invitation to gift yourself the inner peace and empowerment you deserve. Alicia can’t wait to support you in stepping into your soul’s highest potential with love.


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