6 Month One-on-One Coaching


Weekly 60 minute check in session, 1X monthly 90 minute reiki session or chakra balancing.


Dive deep into creating a life of ritual with your daily actions, habits, beliefs and relationships.

  • Ayurveda health chart included.

May your commitment to your journey be supported as you seek guidance on how to establish healthy boundaries, learn how to honor your needs, surrender to selecting YOU, trust in feeling safe in relationship with your higher vision by offering yourself compassion, forgiveness & emotional maturity in the present. You will be guided to explore tools that assist in manifestation of your goals by evoking the law of attraction.

Together we address limiting beliefs by attracting what you want VS. don’t want.

Are you ready to choose love over fear?

This program focuses on letting go of control as you invite faith & optimism to guide you home successfully. Self love encourages yourself to open up to heart to heart communication. Explore emotional freedom therapy techniques that assist in awakening the medicine of valuing all of the emotions. Below is an inquiry of the tools we will explore together.

  • Healing with herbal medicine
  • Movement practices
  • Breath work exercises
  • Illumination Light Body Activation Reiki
  • Shamanic journey into the emotional body
  • New moon & full moon manifestation
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy
  • Healing through Ayurveda “Knowledge of life” , superfood transformation
  • Somatic Healing Techniques
  • Custom meditations & intentional exercises to practice, pre recorded sent VIA email

With the Ayurveda Chart- You will be detoxing your gut, reducing inflammation and optimzing your celleluar nutrition with the option to do a nutrition cleansing program in addition. The Ayurveda chart will help with…

Develop a relationship with food being a method of daily self care by raising your vibration with nutrition.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Herbal tea therapy, daily routine, proper food pairing, emotional & spiritual cleansing as well building a relationship with your body needs to be shared. Breakthrough the emotional patterning of coping or stories of surviving in your mind & body. Welcome home to your birthright to thrive in the present. Nutrition is an important fundamental building block to creating overall health & vitality in one’s body. May you invite your heartfelt deepest wishes into this 3 month immersion.

Addressing all the layers of the mind, body, soul and nutrition provide a long lasting transformation for your most empowered self. These practices initiate your own healing ability to understand why you react the way you do when feeling resistance, lack or uncertainty. This allows you to shine light into what is true. When we choose to walk in beauty, we choose to remember. This program encourages you to step out of the shadows & into the magnificence of your heartfelt intentions.

Weekly 60 minute check in session, 1X monthly 90 minute reiki session or chakra balancing.


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