Awakened Women’s Retreat

Come and join “Inspiration Is Life” for a Women’s Wellness Gathering in sunny Punta Gorda, Florida this upcoming January 11th-17th 2024.

This is an all-inclusive retreat for those lovely ladies who feel the call. Enjoy a retreat where you can quiet your mind, engage your body, and explore ways to inner peace. Nurture a sense of compassionate presence on your self love journey. This retreat will have a focus on somatic ways of engaging the mind and body. Connect to slowly integrating into the new year in a way where you can explore sustainable ways forward with more ease less stress. Get curious on how to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Embrace your unique self by confidently becoming your own best friend, cheerleader, council, healer and ally. During this retreat you will experience routine habits, self care practices and nervous system regulation techniques that help to reduce stress and the pain response mentally, emotionally or physically.

Reconnect with your gentle, intuitive, and embodied self. This retreat is a safe space to explore what what it means to embark upon self love and acceptance. This 6 night and 7 day adventure is calling you back home to remembering your hearts wisdom.

You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the elemental healing of wildlife, kayaking, beaches/ hot springs, and sunshine. Enjoy the healing benefits of good company, laughter, improve your overall health and spiritual wellbeing. Leave with an understanding on  how to co-create with the seasons and begin to understand your own rhythm and inner season.

Ignite the creative inspiration of your heart by dearmoring the walls of protection and limitations. Begin to invite the heart to lead the way over the mind as you deepen your relationship with what it means to be body led. Move, breathe, dance and explore workshops that are catered to your mind, body and soul.

Please inquire with the host directly to set up a consultation call to connect more personally around your intention for joining. We look forward to hosting you.

Begin to honor the sacredness of your truth with self love and compassion. Nurture your body with kindness and acceptance. Gain clarity and confidence in listening to your inner-knowing by unplugging from everyday distractions and the noise of the outside world.

Together we heal, inspire and uplift our communities. An empowered woman is an unstoppable woman. Break Free from all barriers that stand in the way of LOVE. Participate in a Trauma Informed Women’s Wellness Retreat, this is a brave space to come as you are.

At this retreat you will nourish your mind, body and soul. Eat nourishing meals that keep your temple healthy and vibrant. Detox from harsh chemicals, foods that cause inflammation and processed sugars. Enjoy organic meals that are made to serve your bodied spiritual health and wellbeing. Enjoy juices, superfoods and mock-tails pools side that are focused on supporting your gut. This is a substance free retreat.

SHARED BUNGALOW, private bathroom and small kitchenette.


Private Bungalow upon request ONLY 2 spots ( 1 spot left) , $2999

Payment Plan Options must be paid off 45 days before the retreat

No full refund 90 days before the retreat you will lose your initial deposit of 25%, only partial 50% refund 60 days, no refund 45 days before the retreat.

Put your first deposit down as early as May for 8 months of payments of $236 monthly for those who desire financial support to make this dream come true.


This retreat requires a consultation call to connect prior to ensure the best guest experience.

Meet Your Space Holders

Alicia Buivis has a playful spirit, intuitive nature & radiates an inner child that offers warmth. Her passion is to support those who are seeking to live with self love as the foundation. She believes emotional regulation is the root to fostering trust in ones self. Befriending the emotions allows space for compassionate presence.

Alicia helps those she serves in doing the inventory around identify their core values, implement boundaries, address limiting behavioral patterns and beliefs that keep them blocked.

Alicia is a 750 Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher with an additional background in Yin Yoga, Raising Conscious Kids , Pilates, Ayurveda Medicine, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Mystery School Priestess Codes & is a Reiki Master. She helps those lead with a heart centered focus on becoming the author of their reality VS. a victim to their past conditioning, fears and tribulations.

Janet Love found passion for yoga & has been practicing for over a decade completing her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica, 300 hour YTT in Peru studying Shamanic healing & plant medicine, along with a certification in Vinyasa & Buti Yoga completing my 200 hour training in Scottsdale, AZ. She also just added Yin Yoga to her practice. Her mission in creating a conscious living world has led her to attain a certification as a health coach with Integrative Nutrition & a certification with Reiki Energy Healing as well. She believes in the transformational work through healing and finding peace within self to create true self-love. 

She lives a balanced lifestyle and is here to share her knowledge with the rest of the world exerting love & positivity to support with healing and spiritual growth for the divine feminine and masculine to reach a higher version of themselves so we can all evolve to be free, powerful and live a joyous life.


Gina is a seasoned guide on your journey to holistic wellness. With over 15 years of dedicated practice, she masterfully integrates esoteric teachings, ancient Vedic practices, and traditional healing techniques to inspire balance in body, mind, and spirit. Gina’s unique approach is a symphony of massage, breath-work, energy and chakra work, multi-dimensional channeling, and light language. A certified Reiki Master, her expertise also extends to Thai Massage and Somatic practices. Gina’s mission is to reconnect you to your body, awakening a deep sense of awareness and facilitating your path to self-discovery and healing. Allow her to lead you towards the harmony and balance you seek, and experience the transformative power of true embodiment.



DAY 1 –

3 PM- Settle into bungalows

5 PM – Family Dinner

6:30-7:30 PM – Orientation, name game & Mandala New Moon Ceremony 

7:30-8:30PM Restorative yoga + Reiki led by Alicia ( cultivating the qualities of Kapha )

DAY 2-

8-9 AM – Hatha Yoga, Theme- Balance with the solar and lunar energies w Alicia 

9:15 AM – Breakfast

10:30-12:30PM- Workshop on creating balance, fulfillment and living wholeheartedly: Intuitive Journaling on the 8 Domains of Life for Optimal Spiritual Health & Wellbeing with Alicia 

1PM LUNCH & BREAK from 1-5pm

5PM- Dinner

6:30-8:30PM- Yin Yoga with Chakra Balancing led by Janet 

DAY 3-

8 AM – Barre with Alicia 

9:15 AM- Breakfast

10:30 AM – Sharp, leave for HOT SPRING

11AM- Upon arrival, Lumerian Activation Awaken Harmonic Universal Energies and Envision Your Heart Highest Timeline + Light Activation with Gina

5 PM- Dinner

7-9 PM- Thai Body Work Workshop led by Gina and Pillow Talk Intimacy Building Workshop with Alicia

DAY 4 –

8-9 AM- Vinyasa Yoga with Janet

9:15 AM Breakfast

11-1 PM- Cacao Ceremony: with eye gazing, heart coherence and embodied dance to awaken your inner child and sense of joy, curiosity and laughter ( cofacilitated )

1 PM- Nourishing Lunch, grab & go bar, post-integration
Afternoon off/Free time between 1-4 pm

4PM- Ayurveda & Gut Health Talk 🙂 , Enjoy a SUPERFOOD SOCIAL!

5:30PM- Dinner

7-9 PM- Understanding the Inner Critic + Pink Rose Ceremony: The Art of Self Soothing w/ Lotus Light Body Activation

DAY 5–

8AM- Mantra Meditation with Quan Yin Goddess of Compassion & Mercy & Intuitive Journaling with Alicia ( Vulnerability Intimacy Building Circle ) 

9:30AM – Breakfast, be ready to leave

LEAVE 10:30-10:45AM SHARP – Leave for Kayaking Adventure

5 PM: Dinner

6:30-8 PM- Conscious Endings & Beginning Healer Rites Ceremony W/ Breath-work led by Janet

Day 6-

8AM- Bhuti Yoga with Janet 9:15AM- Breakfast

11-3PM- Beach Day & Picnic


4PM-Somatic Workshop, Explore how to meet your 3 basic needs ( IRF & ATTACHMENT STYLES ) , please bring journal 

5:30PM- Dinner

7-9PM- Aroma therapy for Emotional Freedom Charades Game + Restorative Yoga with Alicia

DAY 7 –

8-9:30 AM- Gentle Vinyasa Yoga- I AM AFFRIMATION YOGA 🙂 + Being Seen Intimacy Closing Circle led by Alicia

9:15 AM Breakfast

12PM – Check out

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